Monday, May 4, 2009

Patchwork Bucket

I really needed a larger basket for the kitchen to replace the small one that was holding my son's sippy cups.  It was overflowing to the point of things falling out.  I couldn't find anything I liked at a price point I could afford. 
   So I dug into my stash and busted out this tute:

     I didn't follow the tute exactly.  Originally I made the 12 inch one but it was a lot bigger than I had anticipated.  So I ripped out out the seams and cut it down to the 8 inch size.  (sort of.  I mis-measured my top part and had to fudge it a bit lot.)   I made up my own handles to fit the amount of fabric I had on hand.  I also left out the bag part because I didn't really need it.  Since I wanted to use up stash &  I didn't have any pellon 70,  I used the lightweight interfacing I had on hand and some leftover quilt batting to help it stand up.  I free motion quilted the bottom and stitched in the ditch on the top.  My binding was leftover from another baby quilt so it's two different fabrics.  All in all I love how it turned out.  Smiley



all full up!:

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