Friday, September 24, 2010

Amy Butler Extravaganza

Amylouwho is hosting a Amy Butler Sew n Tell link party today.  She announced it a few weeks ago and there are prizes!  It just so happens that I had been planning on making a few Amy Butler items for some Craftster swaps I am in.  I waited to post these on the blog until my partners had received just to make sure I didn't ruin any surprises!
  Everything I am posting today is from a pattern found in Amy's Little Stitches book.  I have borrowed this book multiple times from the library and made the boy a hat from it a year or so ago.  I love the finished products that Amy Butler's patterns produce, but I have to admit, getting there can be a headache!

First up, is the Everything Bag pattern.  This was a fairly straight forward pattern.  It has a lot of inside pockets and a divider.  Originally when I saw this bag in the book I really wanted one.  After making it though, I don't know that it will fit my needs too well.

I used a baby wale cord on the outside.  It's super soft!  The inside is a toile which my partner is a huge fan of.  Inside shot:

I love the amount of pockets on here.  I think that is what makes this bag worth making.  There are four  on the inside and two on the outside.  So handy for moms!

Next are the super cute baby pants in the book.  I have made a lot of kid's pants over my sewing history. This is a straight forward pattern with the cute added bonus of a accent cuff.  I alternated the main and accent fabrics to suit my partner's tastes .  I used Amy Butler's Full Moon Dot and Sandi Henderson's Apple Dot, they complimented each other really well.
 Once I finished them I showed it to my husband and he commented that the apple fabric was upside down.  Which, if you look closely, you can see that it's actually not.  However the darker apples "read" as the main print and they are upside down.  Bummer!  I didn't have enough fabric to redo it and since it's not technically a mistake, I decided to let it go.  I definitely want to make a pair of these for our bebbit that's due in a few months.

The last project is the Modern Diaper Bag.  If you have seen this pattern in the book, you know how huge it is.  Like unusably huge.  I saw a modified version of this bag on Craftster and she used the measurements found on The Ogden's blog.   I was so excited to see Jenny's modifications.  It makes this bag a whole lot more useable.

Now this pattern was a pain.  I had a hard time matching up the lining and the exterior.  Also there were so many layers of interfacing that I was skipping stitches in a few places.  But, like the Weekender, the finished product is worth the frustration.  It creates such a polished looking bag.  The exterior is a alova suede in a moss color.  I lined it with a quilter's cotton.

The amount of pockets on here is awesome as well.  You get six interior pockets.  Like others have mentioned, how to attach the pockets is not clear in the pattern.  So I just sort of winged it.

Both of my partner's seemed very happy with their bags so I am glad I made them.  I might tackle the Modern Diaper bag again, but I am not too sure.  I just picked up Style Stitches and there is a bag in there that I am in love with.  I might have to make that one instead...

I am linking this up to Amy's party today.  I cannot wait to go and check out what everyone else has been making!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dragon Hoodie

Last week, I chosen got to test out another pattern for Kitschy Coo!  This time it  was a reversible hoodie pattern.   How fun!  I finished  the hoodie this weekend.  This was a pretty intricate pattern but her instructions were easy to follow.

  She suggests using two similar fabrics, either two wovens or two knits for compatibility purposes.  Of course I decided to make it hard on myself, and used flannel for a lining and sweatshirt knit for the outside.  It makes for exciting sewing!  I really wanted to make the boy something warm so he could wear it the next few months.  The flannel I had purchased a year or so ago to make a hoodie but never got around to it.  For the sweatshirt fabric, I cut up an old sweatshirt of mine that never quite fit right.  Yay for cheap projects!

  The fit was spot on and the the boy really liked it.  I love the dragon flannel, I think I am going to get some more to make some lounge pants for him.  So this is the "inside":

The necessary cheese smile:

And the exterior (isn't he so stinkin' cute?):

Monster face (which is also necessary as a 2 year old):

   I am really pleased with the finished product.  Plus I am glad to have made the boy something.  He tends to get the shaft when it comes to being sewn for.

  Thanks again for choosing me as a test sewer Kitschy Coo!

I am linking this up with Sew N Tell!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So this week, I got quite a bit of sewing in.  I finished up the last little bits on some totes I was making for a swap on Craftster.  I also decided to make Lila Tueller's mushroom pincushions for the same swap.

Man, these guys are big!  It's hard to tell from the pictures but the portobellos's are aprox 5.5 inches across and 5 inches tall.  The other thing I forgot to think about is how I plan to ship them to my swap partners!  I don't want to get boxes because that would be expensive.   I am hoping they will bounce back from being so crushed in padded envelopes.

This little guy?  He's mine.  I love how he turned out and I couldn't bear to send him away.  Sorry swap partners!

What did you sew up this week?  I am linking this up to Amylouwho's Sew n Tell.  Go check out the other fun stuff being linked up.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cotton Candy Quilt

    I made this baby quilt earlier this year.  My cousin was having his first baby, a girl!  He and his wife named their little girl after our Gran and I am so excited about that.  (I miss my Gran!)  I used a pattern on this quilt.  It's the Yellow Brick Road pattern, I love that pattern.  I have used it 4 times now.  It works up really quickly and the directions are super easy to follow.

Here is the top as a flimsy:

I chose pink and green because those were the colors they had for bedding on their registry.  I chose an all over stippling pattern because it's quick!  Here is the finished quilt:

A close up of the quilting, the binding reminded me of a candy cane:

Just a fun shot: