Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wintery Snowman Quilt

I participated in the Lap Quilt Swap http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=254966.0 this Summer/Fall.  I was gifted a ton of gorgeous Christmas fabrics by an aunt who decided she was not going to use it.  So I sent out some lovely blue and white fabrics and received 11 lovely squares in return.  I made 2 of my own and then pieced this top. (I made the top middle and bottom left squares.)

I did a pieced back because my backing fabric was not wide enough plus I had an extra square.  Also I had been wanting to try one out, I had been seeing them and really liked the look.  

I was unsure about the white binding because I normally do a darker binding.  But I love how it turned out.  Thank you (!!!) to my swap partners:  athenamat, audrey1999, flashleyashley, 1boy1girl1kitty2, MissDisney, j_q_adams, Glittergirl94, ritapizza, SewHelpMe, Jenicat
I love everything you gals and guy made for me!

BTW- When I was quilting it I kept having major problems!  You can see it here:

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