Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dragon Hoodie

Last week, I chosen got to test out another pattern for Kitschy Coo!  This time it  was a reversible hoodie pattern.   How fun!  I finished  the hoodie this weekend.  This was a pretty intricate pattern but her instructions were easy to follow.

  She suggests using two similar fabrics, either two wovens or two knits for compatibility purposes.  Of course I decided to make it hard on myself, and used flannel for a lining and sweatshirt knit for the outside.  It makes for exciting sewing!  I really wanted to make the boy something warm so he could wear it the next few months.  The flannel I had purchased a year or so ago to make a hoodie but never got around to it.  For the sweatshirt fabric, I cut up an old sweatshirt of mine that never quite fit right.  Yay for cheap projects!

  The fit was spot on and the the boy really liked it.  I love the dragon flannel, I think I am going to get some more to make some lounge pants for him.  So this is the "inside":

The necessary cheese smile:

And the exterior (isn't he so stinkin' cute?):

Monster face (which is also necessary as a 2 year old):

   I am really pleased with the finished product.  Plus I am glad to have made the boy something.  He tends to get the shaft when it comes to being sewn for.

  Thanks again for choosing me as a test sewer Kitschy Coo!

I am linking this up with Sew N Tell!

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